Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Prema - Pebble

 This oft overlooked gem is of the krishnacore era, hailing from Philadelphia, PA.  I really like the vocal styling on this record but I could do without some of the chanting and lord Krishna praise towards the end.  It's not that I don't like the mantras that some of the other bands like Shelter and 108 included on their albums, its just on this record they are kinda annoying.  Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong era because I dig these cheesey records.  Anyway, Prema has a pop and rock influenced sound of hardcore.  Definitely reminiscent of their Shelter and 108 brethren (less metal than 108.) Fun fact: Prema is a term for love in Hinduism.  If you like this and the afore mentioned bands, check out Refuse to Fall and Run Devil Run.


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Shelter - Mantra

My favorite record from my favorite band.  I don't apologize if you don't agree. 

Ray Cappo  formed Shelter after Youth of Today started to dissolve in 1990. Influenced by vegetarianism, positivity, and the Bhagavad Gita, Shelter started a whole new movement in hardcore called "Krishna-core."   Around the same time Shelter formed, Ray Cappo also created Equal Vision Records.

Some other records to check out by Shelter are When 20 Summers Pass, Quest for Certainty and In Defense of Reality.


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Reigning Sound - Home For Orphans

Someone sent me this on a message board so I thought I'd share. This band was formed in 2001 but they sound like they could be found on a dusty 45 from some long forgotten rock band from Tennessee. They blend pop, classic rock n' roll, country and blues to create an excellent moody sound. Think country-folk songs about love that I am hesitant to compare to Ryan Adams, but it kinda fits. This album came out in 2005 and is a compilation of some alternative versions of songs found on their 2004 "Too Much Guitar."



Friday, January 16, 2009

Pains of Being Pure at Heart - Pains of Being Pure at Heart

This album is undeniably good.  I don't know what to say honestly.  It's like if you put My Bloody Valentine and an indie pop band like The Shins or Belle & Sebastian together.  So far, I like Track 5, Tenure Itch the best but the whole album is just really catchy, fuzzy, and fresh.  This will be one of the best albums to come out in 2009 and people are going to start talking about this band very soon.  They already have tons of great reviews so don't just take it from me.  They are touring with Depreciation Guild along the east coast including a Washington, D.C. stop and a Baltimore gig.  If you don't like this album and you like the Smiths or other 80s pop, you are listening to it wrong.  


Monday, December 22, 2008

Tombs - Split with Planks

I went to the Heart of Winter fest in Richmond last week to check out Tombs and Cough with some friends.  Cough was solid and I enjoyed their set even though I think they were a bit better at Nara with Walls.  Tombs on the other hand blew me away.  This doesn't happen very often for me.  I will walk away from a show and feel like, "yeah, that was good/fun/etc."  Tombs are definitely on "some next level shit."  They were loud, heavy, dark, noisey and no bullshit.  They loaded their equipment fast as shit, played their set, and were done.  For being a only three piece they still manage to bombard with a wall-of-sound.  From what I've been told they have ex-Anodyne vocalist Mike Hill.  Here is their side of their new split with Planks thats only out of like 200 or something.


Sunday, December 14, 2008

The First Step - Open Hearts and Clear Minds

Fuck all the controversy surrounding this band, this is a solid 7".  I am finding that my negativity these days is getting in the way of things I want to do and turning some of the people I love off.  My way of dealing right now is by listening to posi-core like TFS.  I have mixed feelings about the way the hardcore climate has shifted to negative, "power-violence" and abandoned youth crew and positivity.  I agree being "posi" can get kinda hokey after awhile, but I'm kinda tired of this forced trend of depressing hardcore.  Listen to more Uniform Choice, please.


Friday, December 5, 2008

Saves the Day - Through Being Cool

I'm posting this for nostalgia reasons as well as the fact that it is still one of my favorite albums of all time.  It got played hundreds of times when I was younger and is still relevant when I listen to it today.  Saves the Day is by far my favorite band to listen to when I am taking a long drive and only have time to kill.  I feel like if I discovered this band and album today, never having heard it, it wouldn't instantly become my favorite record.  There are somethings that you can only appreciate because it was once really important to you and it reminds you of simpler times.  This is probably why I will never really appreciate AFI, Brand New, or Leftover Crack.  They are probably good but I didn't get into them during the time where it would have been acceptable.  Maybe there is still hope for you to enjoy this at age 19+, which is why it may still be worth posting.